When weather permits, the children will have one recess before school as students are being dropped off, and two additional recesses throughout the day.  The before school recess is supervised by Jim Baylerian, one of the Special Education teachers at Woodview.  Children should not be dropped off until parents are assured that the supervisor is present on the playground (after 7:45 am). The mid-morning and lunch recesses are supervised by the kindergarten aides.  If you have any questions about supervision or an incident that may have occurred during one of these recess times, please click on the link to the recess in question.  This will send an email to the appropriate supervisor, as well as a copy to the teacher to make sure she is aware of the situation as well.



Red Flag Days

On rainy or cold weather days, there will be a red flag hanging from one of the brick pillars in front of the school.  When this flag is out, students should enter the building using the main entrance.  At 7:45, they will be allowed into their classrooms.  These are the only days that students should be in the building prior to the 8:00 start of the school day.


Warm Weather

  • When the weather is warm, don't forget that if your child is wearing flip-flops or sandals, they will still need tennis shoes for Phy. Ed.  Don't forget that they will also need a pair of socks to wear with their tennis shoes if they come to school wearing sandals.  Please remember that at the end of the year, the gym shoes you sent in September may no longer fit your child's feet. 
  • If you would like your child to have protection against the sun when they go outside for recess and other activities, please make sure to put sunscreen on your child before they come to school. 

Snow Clothing

  • Recess is part of your child's school day.  School policy states that in order to play in the snow, children must be wearning snowpants AND boots.  If your child is not wearing these items, they must remain on the small, shoveled portion of the blacktop for the duration of each recess period. 
  • Please write your child's name on the inside of all of their clothing with a permanent marker (i.e. the inside tag of the snowpants).  This will save you from getting the wrong pair of black or pink snowpants :-) If it is not there on the first day your child wears them to school, we will be writing their name on the inside with a permanent marker.
  • You may want to send your child to school with multiple pairs of socks and or mittens/gloves as these items tend to get very wet and uncomfortable.  Remember, the children go out for two recess periods.
  • It is our policy for all children to wear the items they wore to school back home with them each day.  This helps us to insure that everyone has the correct items.  If your child does not need to wear their snow gear home, please send a note to let us know and a bag (in addition to their backpack) to carry all of the gear home. 
  • You may consider outfitting your child with a set of "school" snow gear and "home" snow gear so that they are not constantly transporting these items back and forth from home to school. 
  • Even if there is not snow on the ground, it is still a good idea to send snowpants with your child.  As the snow melts, the grassy areas become very muddy and wet. 
  • Sometimes we are unable to go outside for recess for extended periods of time due to long rainy or cold streteches.  Children can tire of repeatedly using the same toys inside. We encourage you to send in a fun activity/coloring book for your child to keep at school for use on these days. 
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