School Lunch

This page was designed to help answer any questions kindergarten parents may have about lunch at Woodview as well as communicate important information to parents.

Please keep the following in mind when you are packing a lunch for your child:

  • Discuss with your child whether or not they will need a milk at lunch each day
  • Please discuss with your child your expectations for their eating behaviors (ie - what to eat first, how much they should finish, etc.)
  • Remember, children/lunch supervisors do not have access to microwaves.  If it is important to you for your child to have a warm lunch in the winter, it is best to order school lunch.
  • Using the drinking containers provided alongside many lunch bags is not always the best option.  Many of these bottles are difficult for the children to open and close, which often results in spillage/damage to backpacks and lunch bags.
  • Please keep in mind that the kindergarten aides are busy supervising all children.  Providing them with easy-to-open containers will help your child make the best use of their lunch period

Food Allergies


It is always important to make your child's teacher aware of any allergy, even if you have filled out paperwork through the office.  It is important to keep your child's teacher abreast of the severity of the allergy as well (ie - is the allergy triggered through physical or airborne contact).

Over the past few years it seems that more and more children coming to school with peanut allergies.  Our school has worked to accomodate these students in the following ways:

    • Classrooms are labeled "Peanut Free Zones"
    • Special Area teachers and lunch personel are made aware of a child's allergy through posters stating the specific allergy and including the child's picture.
    • There is a designated "peanut-free" table in the lunchroom where students with allergies can sit.  Any other students sitting at this table have their lunch checked by a lunch supervisor to make sure it does not contain any nuts.
    • If you feel that your child needs accomodations beyond the ones listed above, please contact the district's nurse (Kathy Rutkowski) at 262-208-6357 to set up an individualized care plan.

If y our child requires the use of an Epi-Pen for the emergency treatment of an allergic reaction, please stop in the office to fill out the appropriate paperwork.  All Epi-Pens are stored in the office to minimize confusion.  However, teachers will remove them from the office and carry them along on field trips.

Lunch Supervision


  • The second lunch period which includes kindergarten, 4th grade, and 5th grade, is supervised by one non-kindergarten teacher, the principal, and both kindergarten aides. 
  • The kindergarten students are supervised primarily by the kindergarten aides.  The kindergarten teachers are eating lunch separately at this time.
  • One aide supervises the children eating cold lunch, while the other aide supervises the children as they go through the hot lunch line.  Once all kindergarten students are in the lunch room, they will be supervised by both kindergarten teachers.
  • The aides do their best to monitor what all of the students are eating each day. It is their policy to encourage the students to eat the healthiest parts of their meals first and use their time appopriately during this short lunch period. 
  • All students are encouraged to eat their entire lunch.  If it is not possible for the students to do so, the kindergarten aides ask the children to take home their remaining food so that parents can also monitor what their child is eating.
  • When the weather is warm, students may request to have another carton of milk.  The aides will initial offer the children water, however if a child continues to insist that they are thirsty, they will allow them to go get another carton of milk.  As a result, when reviewing your lunch statement, you may notice a second charge for that additional carton of milk.
  • If you have any questions about supervision, eating habits, or an incident that may have occurred during the lunch period, please click on the link to your child's teacher.  This will send an email to the appropriate kindergarten aide, as well as a copy to the teacher to make sure she is aware of the situation as well.
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