Dismissal - 2:40pm

It is your responsibility to inform your child's teacher of your child's daily end of the day transportation plan.  A form for this purpose was given to each family in their registration packet.  Your child will be sent home each day according to the plan outlined on this form.  The more consistent you can keep your child's transportation on a daily basis, the easier it is for all involved with the daily dismissal process. 

Any changes made to your child's transportation plan are your responsibility to communicate to the school and the classroom teacher.

First Day Procedures

On the first day of school your child's teacher will send them home according to what has been outlined on the form.  If you are planning to pick up your child the first day of school you must speak with your child's teacher directly and give them written intent to pick up your child at the end of the day.

Daily Procedures - Pick-Up Students

  • All persons who will be picking up a Woodview student must wait outside the main school doors until the children are dismissed at 2:40, per our school's safety mandate. 
  • The students will remain with their child's teacher inside the building until it is time for dismissal, at which time your child's teacher will walk them up to the main doors. 
  • Your child will not exit the building until the teacher sees the specific person designated to pick up the child.
  • If your child will be picked up by someone other than your designated pick-up person, please contact the main office to let them know about the change of plans.  This insures that the change will be communicated to the teacher that day.

Woodview Office:  262-376-5750  

  • As the weather gets colder many families choose to remain in their vehicles and drive through the pick-up line, rather than waiting outside the main doors.  In this case, the teacher will dismiss the student as soon as they see your vehicle.  If you choose this option, please keep in mind that this line can get very long and the other families waiting would appreciate you moving in a timely manner.
  • There are parking spots available in the middle school parking lot that borders the edge of Woodview's East playground.  If you know you will be waiting for a while because you have children in multiple grade levels, please park in this area.  The older siblings can pick up your kindergartner and walk them to your vehicle.  This insures that the vehicle pick-up line will continuously move.
  • Many young children are leaving school simultaneously.  The parking lot can be a very busy place.  Please drive carefully and patiently. 

Daily Procedures - Bus Students

  • To help decrease the amount of students leaving simultaneously, the students who are transported home by bus are dismissed at 2:35.  Each of the kindergarten classes is assigned an adult who will walk these students directly to the bus and make sure they get on the correct bus. 
  • If your child rides the bus and is having difficulty with other students, please contact the bus company with your concerns.  Issues on the buses are dealt with by the bus drivers. 

Riteway Bus Company:  262-375-3102

  • If your child is having difficulty making good choices on the bus, the bus drivers will contact the principal and you will receive written notification.
  • Persistent difficulty on the bus can lead to loss of bus riding privledges.  It is important to discuss appropriate bus behavior with your child.  If your child loses their bus riding privledges it will be your responsibility to provide alternate transportation.
  • If you have arranged a playdate/alternate bus transportation for your child which requires them to ride home on the bus with another student or different bus, you must send a note to school with your child. 
  • This note must inculde the following:
    • The date your child will be riding the bus
    • Your child's name
    • Permission for your child to ride the bus
    • The specific bus your child will be riding
    • Your child's destination
    • Name and phone number of adult responsible for your child at the destination
    • Your signature
  • If the note is not provided your child will not be allowed to board the bus and will remain at school until you can pick them up.
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